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Remember that time when you checked yourself in the mirror or put on a piece of clothing and thought, "Damn, I look good."? We bet that feeling carried on throughout the rest of the day, and brought on a feeling of confidence and happiness that only a special piece of attire can bring. 

Well, our founder, Aabesh, had the same thought about his first colorful pair of socks he put on in College.  That special moment made him realize that there simply weren't enough happy, delightful, colorful socks in the world - thus, Legasocks was born. But it didn't just stop at socks - he worked with his friends and family to expand into leggings, legwear, and comfortable shoes; after all, they're all close family in the apparel world.

We started out with a simple goal: make chic, trendy, unique legwear available and affordable for as many people as possible.  Legasocks has grown to serve that mission proudly: we source from collections in the US, India, South Korea, and China, all while keeping variety of colors, fabrics, and trends top of mind. After all, you deserve the best that your feet can get, so why not go with us?

VISION STATEMENT: To make society a happier and more colorful place.

MISSION STATEMENT: To foster self-confidence and a "treat-yourself" mentality with every customer we interact with.


Pro-tip: All of our products last longer if they are washed inside out and kept out of the tumble dryer. This keeps them durable - so you can keep stepping forward in style. 

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let's hear it: hello@legasocks.com




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